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Menus . DIY Picnics

All Inclusive Picnic Packages Includes: disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins & serving utensils.
(10 person minimum)


DIY Pappy's Picnic

  • Pappy's pulled pork with rolls & BBQ sauce
  • Roasted rosemary chicken quarters
  • Homemade bourbon baked beans - Cheers!
  • Home style picnic potato salad
  • Creamy cole slaw
  • Freshly baked corn bread

Pricing: 10.95 per guest


DIY Tailgate Picnic

  • Hoagie assortment to include: Italian, albacore tuna salad, ham & cheese, chicken salad, roast beef, oven roasted turkey
  • Spicy jumbo buffalo wings with bleu cheese & celery
  • Home style picnic potato salad
  • Creamy cole slaw
  • Potato chips

Fixin's to include: Deli mustard, mayo, oil, hot peppers, pickles

Pricing: 11.95 per guest


DIY Country Western Picnic

  • Finger lickin' good BBQ babyback ribs
  • Rib ticklin' BBQ chicken
  • Mom's macaroni & cheese
  • Home style picnic potato salad
  • Hand shucked corn on the cob
  • Freshly baked corn bread

Pricing: 16.95 per guest


DIY Hawaiian Picnic

  • Huli Huli Chicken - roasted chicken pieces with soy sauce, brown sugar, sherry, garlic & ginger root
  • Kalua Pork - smoked, shredded and served with soft rolls & BBQ sauce
  • Aloha baked beans
  • Island pasta salad
  • Mandarin orange salad
  • Freshly baked banana bread

Pricing: 18.95 per guest


DIY Enhancements

  • Chilled Seasonal Fruit Platter.....39.50/serves 10-12
  • Home Baked Cookies & Chocolate Chunk Brownies......39.50/serves 10-12
  • Petite Pastries (Cannolis, mini brownies, mini cheesecake, creme puffs, French sticks, butter cookies, eclairs, fruit Danish
    Small Tray (serves 8-10)..............55.00
    Medium Tray (serves 12-15)........75.00
    Large Tray (serves20-25).............95.00


See our Griller Filler Menu to add additional menu items to these picnic packages.

*Extra fees apply to weddings, mitzvahs and other larger events

*Please add 6% sales tax to all orders. Please add a 25.00 delivery charge to all drop off orders.


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