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Do It Yourself (DIY) Picnics

What are the benefits of a DIY picnic over a picnic with servers and chefs?

1. The weather is great for an outdoor picnic but you're too busy to shop, do the prep work involved and do the cooking too.

2. You waited too long to find a caterer and they are all booked. With a DIY picnic, you can call the day before and in some cases the same day and your food will be delivered right to your door within one hour, depending on your location.

3. You can order what you want in the quantities you prefer.

4. You can prepare some of the food yourself and fill in with foods that are too time consuming to make yourself.

5. Everything is disposable, so clean up is easy.

6. Depending on the menu items you choose, the cost is significantly less.

Of course, some food needs to be cooked on site to maintain the best possible quality but there are plenty of picnic foods that work well without needing to be grilled to order

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If you just need some fill in food or to create your own customized picnic, take a look at our  Griller Filler Menu


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