The Story of Moose & Goose

Moose & Goose met in high school. Didn’t think Moose and Geese went to school, did you? Well, for the purposes of this story, just throw out all of your preconceived notions. This is a fairy tale after all!

Anyway, after a long courtship (8 years!) they got married. Moose loved to cook and opened a restaurant but wouldn’t marry Goose until he was “making a decent living.” Goose helped out in the restaurant until she became pregnant and started to show. Moose told Goose that she couldn’t help out anymore because the customers didn’t want to see a big fat Goose waddling around in the dining room. Boy was Goose mad!

Over the years, Moose & Goose had 4 children. Bet you’re wondering what kind of children this union created aren’t you? Well, I’ll get to that. Anyway, after the last one left for school Goose said to Moose, “I’m coming back to work!” So Goose went back to helping out in the restaurant. Goose tried with all her might to change some of the ways Moose did things (Goose was-IS a real control freak) but Moose would have none of it. As you can imagine, the sparks were flying!

So one day, Goose said to Moose, “You know Moose, you make the best BBQ Chicken & Ribs around (Goose knew she had to lay it on thick to get Moose to do what she wanted-aside from the fact that those Chicken and Ribs WERE the best!) “Instead of just serving them in the restaurant, why don’t we take ‘em on the road!” Moose thought Goose was crazy (isn’t that always the way with men!) but decided to humor her. “Sure Goose, go for it.” he said.

So she did. And much to Moose’s surprise, people LOVED the idea! Moose started to test other recipes and one by one, added new items to their menu. But STILL Goose wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to be able to offer their customers a complete picnic experience. So she went out and found all kinds of entertainment and even some great venues to offer their customers along with Moose’s excellent food.

Viola! Moose & Goose Picnic Catering was born. And if you look real close at some of your chefs, you will find they bear a striking resemblance to Moose & Goose. Now wouldn’t it be worth it to have a picnic catered just to see that!